03 November 2014

Dejuan Turrentine

             The world is filled with so many hidden and undiscovered talent but once seen you can't help be drown to it. Dejuan Turrentine is one of those talented artist who drowse you to his music. Dejaun has a great background in music. At the age 4 he started to sing at his uncle's church located in Pasadena California. Not only is he related to the legendry saxophonist Stanley Turrentine but his older brother is Dewayne Turrentine who was the first artist signed to Michel Jackson record label MJJ. This multitalented artist has also acted in movies and show's in the past. Being "A good man in a hard to find", "Way past cool" and "Almost home". you might have seen him in a few McDonalds commercial's. I came across his music a while back when he sang on the web series almost home I believe the second Episode. I was so amazed with his voice but only thought he was just an actor. After a while I seen a music video to a song of his 'follow me' and was sold. the song was amazing and his voice was even better so ever since then I was a fan of his. I believe that Dejuan Turrentine is destined for greatness and I would love you all to be exposed to his music. He has an EP coming on 11.10.14 called "No Feelings" and I would like you all to check him out on his website www.DejuanTurrentine.com you'll no be disappointed.

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