29 December 2014

Winter fashion quick tips

Hello lovelies

 It's pretty chili out for some of you and It might a bit challenging dressing for the winter season. I like winter because so many holiday season are around this time. Lots of sales and discounts so it's pretty easy to improve your wardrobe. I personally use winter as the best time to shop for all season long clothes funny but true. Honestly I like to add and improve my personal style every season just because it's a way I express myself. If you are like me and love expressing yourself through fashion stick around.

         Tip #1 layering

   Layering is so in right now I can't even express it. I like the idea of layering because it add volume and dimension to your outfit. You can layer with vests ,over sized sweaters, coats and more.  Just make sure it's not over done.

      Tip #2 Denim

  Denim is a must have in your closet weather it's a vest, jacket or boyfriend jeans. They all come in handy and they finish off a lot of winter looks. I personally like the boyfriend jeans I got form H&M There simply baggy and chic.

 Tip #3 leather pants

  Honestly leather pants are my all time favorites because it's just such a cute winter look. They are very fitted and have edgy look to it witch I absolutely love. Many looks that I go for are chic and girly but one I step out of the comfort zone I got for a edgy or sexy look.

I know this was quick and short but till next time.
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08 December 2014


  Hello lovelies

       Independence! what does this mean? The freedom from control, influence, support or the like of others. This here is a very touchy subject to some young ladies because who doesn't want independence. No matter how depended you are to some one or something there is still something in you that screams independence. Honestly there is nothing like knowing you are in control of your life and if anything goes wrong it's from the will of god. I have just turned 18 yesterday (YAY!) but I had a glimpse of independence when I turned 17 last year. I had gotten my little job at McDonald's all though I wanted to work in retail the mall was really far from where I stayed.

             There were a bunch of fast food restaurant around town so it only made sense plus a few of my friends already worked there. So I took a step to apply after I saw a few of my friends providing for there selves. I was like I can do it too after a week and a half I got called down for an interview than I got the job. I was so excited to work and get paid because prom and all that was coming up so as a senior I needed to provide for all my expenses. Honestly after a month or so I was tired of juggling school work and my actual work. I was slightly regretting having my job but I told myself it works out all in the end. As you can see I was rushing for independence at a really young age it felt good but slightly draining. So if you are in high school and your guardians provide for you rethink your decision of working because it might distract you from studies. As for now I am ready to take on independence again and I actually feel ready. There is nothing wrong with falling at independence because that is what life is about you live and you learn and I sure did.

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