02 February 2015

Nia Talks : Patience

Hello Lovelies

        Welcome back to my blog today I am going to share my little words of wisdom on patience. I like to give you guys something new and relatable every week. So with that being said I will do Nia Talks sessions every other week. Todays topic was something very near and dear to my heart witch is patience. Honestly a lot of us teenagers lack patience because we think life is a big rush when honestly it's puzzle pieces waiting to fall in place. I to had a problem with patience didn't believe in waiting when there is so much to accomplish. My reality has hit me when I noticed I was taking advantage of the good things I had around reaching for the better. I have two great tips that will help recharge you attitude to help with your patience.

Tip #1
           Ask yourself what is my goal? What am I so badly wanting? These questions will help you notice what it is that you want in life few years from now. Then go on to ask yourself What have I accomplished so far? This question here well help you look around and count you blessings. The over all purpose of these questions is to notice that it is okay to have future goals but don't discard your blessings. Patience is a matter of waiting and appreciating what is around you. When you reach new heights in life you will still have the same amount of humbleness and appreciation for your friends, family, previous accomplishments etc.

Tip #2

          Always know that there is a purpose for each and every person out there. I mean honestly we are all different and unique for a reason because our purposes and personality are different. I for one will tell you the number one reason people are impatient is because they are competing with others at higher heights in life. This will not only leave you depressed it will discourage you and you abilities. It's good for them to inspire you but not to the point where you actually want to be them. The only competition should be your past and wanting to grow and prosper from it.


 Thank you guys for reading and remember patience is the key to prosperity. I would love if you all would take time and appreciate what you have and be happy.
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