30 March 2015

To pimp a butterfly

Hello lovelies

         Today's post is a little venture into my taste of music witch is a really sensitive part of me. To many people music is fun and relatable, but for me the music I listen too is an extended version of me. It describes things that I already did and thing's I fantasize doing in the future. I always say if you want to get to know me go through my playlist. This would really give you a big insight on my life, and perspective on things. There is a new album that dropped by my favorite artist named Kendrick lamar. I wasn't a fan of his until I heard his single swimming pools, if I am not mistaken that is my first favorite song of his. I was a fan of kendrick lamar ever since, he just reminded me of Tupac Shakur. Witch was my favorite rapper of all times, and had put lots of thing's into perspective for a young African American woman like me. As times passed rappers who stood up for the weird kid the different one who doesn't find smoking weed cool were rare. So when kendrick Lamar came out with 'Swimming pools' (a song talking about pear pressure, and indulging in alcohol) I felt for the first time it was okay to be different. About a week ago Kendrick Lamar New album dropped named ' to pimp a butterfly' has dropped and I am obsessed. My three favorite songs are King Kunta, Hood politics, and I. I love the beats, and mostly the message in each song witch is really appealing.

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