23 May 2015

Kehlani Mixtape: My Music Current Obsession

Hello lovelies

       I know many of you see music as inspiration to your lifestyle, or a some what influence into your day. I really get most of my creative influence from the music I listen to so it makes sense I give you guys some insight. I recently discovered this very talented singer that goes by the name of Kehlani. I heard a few songs (FWU), and (Deserve Better), and after that I was hooked. She recently dropped a new Mix Tape called ' You Should Be Here' and it's really worth all the hype. My top three personal favorites are Bright, Wanted, and You Should Be Here. she really speaks from a genuine place and expresses real life situations which is really relatable. She is a artist you guys should look out for I will leave a link to her web site. I hope you guys enjoy her music as much as I did, Enjoy!


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