25 May 2015

On The Go

Hello lovelies 

        I hope your week is starting off great, it's that time of the week for us to go back to work or school. That is why I want to brighten up your week by wishing you guys a great week from me. Okay with that being said let me get right into this look I have here to share with you. I composed this look based on the weather outside lately. It's a bit windy at some point's, and worm the other second. I could't cope with it but I still managed to capture one of my favorites looks of the week. I was a bit windy outside so I wore my bulky brown cardigan, and I pared it with my high wasted jeans. I added on my favorite boots ever, and my cute Dior bag that a friend bought for me on my birthday. I had so much fun shooting this look for you guys I hope you appreciate it. I will leave where I purchased each item down below so enjoy, and leave a comment down below.

Outfit Details:
Jeans: H&M
Cardigan: Zara
Black top: Target 
Boots: H&M

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