16 May 2015

Who wore it better

Hello lovelies

      There have been a really popular trend that has been going on and it's denim on denim looks.  Denim on denim looks are one of my very personal favorites, and I enjoy wearing them. Today I have a long lines of celebrities who whore the same denim on denim look on different occasions but no one clarified who wore it first. I equally love these women and think they have a great fashion sense so that fact that they got inspiration from one another is okay. Every one has seen kylie Jenner sporting this look recently and it has been said that she stole the look from her older sister. Then many went on to saying that kim Kardashion stole it from Beyonce who also was seen wearing the same look a while back. As many I dug deeper it appeared that Rihanna was the originator of the look, and she wore it first. To be honest all of them wore this looks in a unique manner, It doesn't seem like copping I see it more like inspiration. I feel Rihanna really wore this look the best I love the nude heels she pared with it, and the all black cap throws some edge to the look. Comment below witch one is your favorite look and until next time bye.

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  1. I think Rhianna whore it in the best way.



  2. It's hard to pick the best. I love Rihanna and Kylie and they all look great!


  3. They all look great. I agree, it's Rihanna who rocks the look.

  4. I like Rihanna's look. xx