17 August 2015

Naimah Talks: Self love and fitting in

Hello lovelies

     I know for many this topic here is a very sensitive topic and, your unsure where to go to or who to go to. I am not a life coach or a motivational speaker but, I simply can let you in on my experience. Growing up I never fit in with to many people, I was constantly bullied and called names. I didn't have an older sister to talk to or confide in. I felt constant pressure to be someone other than myself because, no one would like me for me. I didn't have no type of confidence in myself, I always waited for acceptance or approvals. As soon as I reached high school things got even harder, I was more insecure then ever. I remember one day my Spanish teacher complimented my eyes in front of the whole class.

             I never noticed how beautiful my eyes were until she said it, ever since then I waited to hear a compliment for me to love myself. I started hanging with the wrong crowd and, I was starting to like the sudden attention I was getting. After a short period everyone in the school knew me, and many boys had crushes on me. My personality changed from the quiet girl to a loud and funny girl. I was good at being funny and outspoken, but was that really me? Time went on and, I got trapped being someone I was not. This made it hard for me to ignore what people thought. I started getting caught up in the wrong crowd doing the wrong thing, and before you know it I was lost. I swear the hardest thing I faced was knowing who I really was outside my friends and, the influences around me. I seriously had to pull away, and notice my actions hurt the people who cared the most. I didn't have no one to turn to so I went on YouTube.

             I looked at a few YouTubers who spoke about self love and actually being yourself. I observed and, used them on my daily life to see the difference. I cut off all the people who brought and fed my life no purpose. Many times the people around you have the biggest effect on your attitude and behavior. I also started exploring my creativity by writing poems and sketching to express myself. Many times I would feel lonely because my only friend lived so far and, I wouldn't have no one to really talk to. I also started reading books that taught me to better myself and never settle for less. To be completely honest everything started paying off because I was loving the person I became. There is nothing better than loving yourself and, not settling for less. Have confidence in your self and grind I swear everything will pay off.

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