21 September 2015

Naimah Talks: Distancing yourself from negativity

Hello Lovelies

        Honestly I don't know if I have ever discussed this topic before, but it's been weighing heavy on my conscience. I have been brought into a few situations these past few weeks and, I wanted to shed some light on it. Many times in life we keep around the wrong people and, they tend to bring us down. If a person brings you down or doesn't compliment your progress it's seriously time to let them go. I held on to the wrong people just because I was so used to there company. They didn't do my life any good and, for the most part they brought me down. For example I was really close friends with these group of girls in high school. I always stuck by them and was loyal to them even when they brought me no type of good. They would introduce me to bad things and, always bring me down when they can. Every time I spoke up and, showed difference of opinion they would always push me away and turn every person against me. So as time went by I distance myself and started making new friends that actually respected my opinion.

       After a while they spread rumors about me and completely hated me. I always wondered why they hated me because, I was always loyal to them and I actually put them before me. Them spreading rumors and hating me showed me that they weren't really my friends they just were using me as props. This made it easy for me to cut negative people like them out of my life. Don't compromise your happiness for people who don't care about you or your growth. Now the bigger problem is when those negative people are close family members. Every body has a family member that constantly puts you down and, down plays you potential. Despite how many times you try to prove yourself it's just not good enough. Trust me you'll never be good enough to anybody but yourself. These people are usually not happy with them selves so they pressure you and, tell you how to fix your life and, do you better. It's so tricky because you want them to be apart of your life but, you don't want them to dictate it. The best option is to slowly pull away and not let there opinion matter to you. distance yourself from them and, there opinion and negativity won't do you no harm. You need to surround yourself with people who actually appreciate your presence and bring the best out of you.  There is no need for acceptance when you truly love and except yourself.

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  1. You made the right decision, letting those people go. Beautiful picture sweety!

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  2. What an amazing post.