04 October 2015

Double trouble (ReMake)

Hello Lovelies 
Today I'm excited to share with you all a collaboration with my lovely brother. There is a lot of times where I sneaked into my brother's closet for inspiration. It's so much fun playing dress up but, I feel like he gets irritated with me constantly lurking in his wordrobe. I always take an essential piece from his closet and try to dress it up. I then later figured why not bring our heads together and, style similar looks. With an essential piece in common we went and, brought two looks together. One for the male audience and, the other for the female audience. I hope you guys enjoy this collaboration make sure you comment below and, subscribe.

Outfit Details
Flannel : H&M 
Jeans : H&M 
Shoes : Marshals 
Bandana : New Yorker 

Outfit Detail
Flannel :H&M
White Crop : forever 21
Jeans : Cato's Fashion 
Shoes : New Yorker 
Bag : Red Tag 


  1. This flannel looks so pretty on you both. Great outfits. xx


  2. Oooh, I love this. You remind me of my younger sister and brother. She's always taking his clothes too.

  3. im in love with your style and with this outfit