12 October 2015

Naimah Talks: Social Media

Hello Lovelies

        As you can see from the topic today I want touch basis on something that has been on my mind which is Social Media. Social Media has made it easy for many to share content and to reach different people all over the world. There's often a misconception by many that social media is there personal diary and, a place to vent. I know many including my self have seen Social Media as a safety net and have shared personal information. I have been seeing time after time people expressing there thoughts and feelings hoping it will make them feel better.

       I honestly believe otherwise because there a lot of people watching your social media pages. They feed off of exactly what you give them whether it's good or bad. When I feel down and misunderstood the first thing I would do is vent or feel the need to express my self ,hoping people will relate. It has been that way for a while when I then realized it was the wrong way of going about it. I've noticed random people will feel entitled to judge your life and actions. If I was more careful no one would have had access to my personal situations. So, I decided to stop trying emit feelings on twitter because at the end of day nobody is ever going to understand the pain and hardship you're going through without them  stepping into your shoes.

      Social media can also make you depressed about your life. Like instagram everyone shares great accumplishments and, moments. It makes hard for you to live up to a picture perfect live's because it isn't true. It's just a collection of good moments, who wants to share and capture bad moments to the world ? no one. So never take the it to serious to a point where it depresses you and takes away you joy. Be happy with what you got in your life because there would be so many people killing for what you have. Don't let social media get to your head your so much more than a picture or 140 characters. Thank you so much for reading please comment and subscribe for more posts.


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