30 November 2015

The Molton Brown grand opening

Hello Beauties  

              I hope all of guys are doing wonderful this lovely Monday. I know mondays are such a drain for many and it is the day everyone would love to sleep in but, lets look at the bright side you'll be reading Naimah's monday morning post. Okay that sounds so cliché but just remember it was a joke people. Despite me trying to cheer you up I have a wonderful post I would like to share with you guys.

               I have recently attended the Molton Brown grand opening here in Doha Qatar and, honestly it was such a wonderful experience. I have came around to finally meeting many of the fashion bloggers here in Qatar and, it was such a great feeling to finally meet others who know and love blogging as much as you do. I had worn a fall look not knowing what to predict for this unpredictable weather changes we've been recently having. Y'all know how crucially important layering is for the fall and winter seasons, it's seriously one of my favorite trends of all times.

           So I decided to go ahead and layer minimal pieces together so I can get that fall street style and it actually worked. I was so consumed with the event I didn't take enough pictures like I usually do but the effort is what counts right. I would be having many more fashion related post this upcoming month so I'll make it up to you guys. Nevertheless Outfit details are down below thanks to everyone who comments and subscribes I really appreciate it.

Outfit Detail's
Top: Red Tag
Navy Cardigan: H&M
 Vest: Vintage
Jeans: Cato's Fashion
Boot's: Forever 21


  1. Your shoes are so cool!


  2. Totally loved this. You are so pretty, Naimah. Thx bunches for your well wishes, that's so sweet of you. Wishing you a fantastic day.

  3. WOW u rock girl!!! I love the layering.. It really looks great..

    1. Thank you so much for your support it means a lot to me.