31 December 2015

Let's take a ride

Hello Glam Dolls 

               I hope all is well in the land of all glam, okay maybe I watched to many Disney movies this past week (lol). I know many of you have those days where you leave your house in the most casual outfit hoping people don't mistake you for a homeless person. well today was that day and, I really had to think twice about my outfit choice. I luckily got a grip of my self before exposing my insanity, I had to ask myself what are you wearing. I went back up stairs to my room and decided to put on a casual sporty look rather than the desperate homeless look I had on. I went out for a bike ride with my younger brother who also takes my pictures. I enjoy hopping on the bike and strolling through the town it's so calming and peaceful. I always bring my little bother with me because it's our bonding moment and also because he captures good photo's along the way. We gotten some ice cream and called it a day P.S. don't ask me why I didn't take pictures of the ice cream I simply couldn't stop my urge of eating it before I remembered to take picture. I hope you guys enjoy my quick outfit I manage to throw together in less than 5 minuets. I would love for you guys to comment and follow my blog by pressing the follow button on the lower left. Outfit details down below until next time Glam Dolls xoxoxo

Outfit Details
Crop sweater: Red Tag
Leggings: RnB
Flannel: H&M
Sneakers: New Yorker