14 December 2015

Naimah Talks: 3 Networking tips

Hello Lovelies 

                I've been recently heading out to more and more events related to networking. I never noticed how important networking is to a blogger because I simply got caught up in just blogging. I had such a great learning experience going to these events and, met so many great and wonderful bloggers who shared similar passion. I've noticed that I wasn't alone here in Qatar in fact there were many other bloggers that it melts my little old heart (lol). I also ran into many more people who were nice enough to invite us bloggers to such events. It's been a fun experience i'll tell you that but, Ive also picked up on so many mistakes that i've made. I would like to share these with you guys so make sure to grab a pop corn and a drink.

Tip #1

               I always manage to wear the most uncomfortable heels to mostly if not all the recent events I went too. If your like me and you like to shadow people with your height than you'll have too be very selective about your choice of heels. There are many comfortable heels you can invest in and make sure you think twice about your foot wear before you leave the house.

Tip #2

             Actually network and talk to other it's clearly a networking event. This is your opportunity to fascinate your peers about your business or blog ventures. I usually brought my friend with me and, we looked around awkwardly for others to come up to us. I was really nervous to talk to others because my fear of not knowing the outcome took control but, with having someone there at first I managed to open up and neglect my fear.

Tip #3

                   This last tip is crucially important because I time after time manage to forget this tip and, that is taking pictures. When you're at an event as a blogger you would like to share the moment with your viewers at home. So it would be nice to collect a good amount of pictures to post up on your blog. I have recently went to Marriott hotel here in doha for the launch of entertainer and I haven't captured too many pictures due to my lack of conscious. Remember to snap pics of every little aspect that you think you viewers would like so you can later on share. I hope you guys learn from my mistakes and are prepared for your upcoming networking events. Thank you for reading leave a comment below if you find this helpful and subscribe.