17 December 2015

personal style is key

Hello Beauties

         I really enjoy dressing up and getting out of my bubble when it comes to fashion. I love exposing my street style and edge on my blog but sometimes a little elegance wouldn't hurt. I usually spot beautiful scenes than I visualizes the look in my head. Sometimes I wish I can just go ahead and have my outfit ready right than and there. It would make my life a lot more easier if I could snap instantly and my outfit would change. I truly enjoy the anticipation of finding a great shooting place and setting a shoot date and the outfit. I just feel so much more better about my photo's and look because of the anticipation. I have put together this look on my birthday and shot it on the same day. It just called for a celebration for my personal style and staying true to what I like. I hope you guys enjoy my quick post because I know not to many people like long and pointless posts about an outfit. I also hope this inspires your future looks, outfit details are down below make sure you leave a comment and subscribe for future posts.

Outfit Details
Top: Red Tag
Skirt: H&M
Heels: New Yorker 
Bag: H&M