10 December 2015


Hello Beauties

           Many of you beauties are freezing your faces off while I'm over here wearing a kimono. Oh how lucky you might say but honestly I enjoy the snow storms, rain and all of the above when it comes to winter. I'm a december baby so that means winter was my glow up season ..... Seriously! A lot of good things come from this lovely season that many of  you despise but, think about it who likes to cuddle in spring and summer ? Not I said the duck lol.

          I also learnt to appreciate the warm days because you can never be too picky. I love wearing minimal pieces and not having to layer all the time. Like for this look that I have wore the other day It felt so effort less and chic. I wanted to go run some errands and pick up a few thing from my favorite shop.

 I usually would wear some sneakers with my outfit but, for that day it just didn't feel right. I felt the urge of wearing heels and strutting through my day. This outfit is very minimalist and simple and it made it easy for me to transition to a more chill outfit. By swapping the kimono with a flannel and the heels with sneakers you'll be ready for the next activity of the day. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found my outfit as inspiration. Outfit details down below Make sure you comment and subscribe .

Outfit Details
 Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Cato's Fashion
Heels: New Yorker
Bag: Red Tag

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