28 December 2015

What is Personal Style

Hello Glam dolls

       It's been a wonderful week that has passed us by and, I am glad to be posting another article today. Growing up I didn't know much about personal style all I new was what was trending at that moment and my style was based off of that. I found it difficult to find what I liked because what I would wear wasn't trending. Time went by and I started discovering my style a little more and noticing that trend doesn't always have to agree with how I look. It seriously was a big blow for me at that time and I tried so hard to blend in. After a while I was totally unbothered about what others think and went ahead and express my way of dressing. It's been my mission to go out there and see how other people view personal style. I interviewed quite a few people who I randomly selected and gotten to know.

                I sat down with a local model named Angelique De Lange who was very enthusiastic about this topic as much as I was. I asked her a few questions to get a sense of her style and she by far amazed me. When I asked Angelique to tell me a little about her personal style she went ahead and stated " I'm not a very trendy person I don't like to wear things that are in at the moment." This has made me smile because She had on the most stunning outfit and she looked at the top and said "I bought this 2 years ago and it was very trendy back then but, only today I pulled it out of my closet for the first time." I love Angelique's honesty on how trend didn't control her wardrobe but instead her instinct did." I choose based on instinct I don't love bold color's I usually lean more to the neutral colors and, I love to mix and match my pieces." Angelique says. Her style was classy and feminine yet simple you wouldn't catch her with bold colors all over maybe one bold piece and the rest would be neutral.

                 Thamer Al-Kuwari the fifth place champion of Qatar's strongest man has also agreed to sit with me to discuss this topic. Thamer had stated how his cultural decent plays a big part of his dressing "I like classical looks like a simple suit." he stated "Here in Qatar we wear our traditional Thobe which comes in so many shades of white and also so many different textures." I never really understood the Thobe concept until Thamer has explained it to me in that way. Thamer also stated how he liked the sporty looks mainly because he disliked layering. "I don't wear too many layers because my body has so much heat so my style is really based off of what I can bare." It was true actually I had came out to the meeting with a full on coat and he was sporting a casual T-shirt. Thumer also has a little addiction to statement watches which are a little high in the price range. He loves investing in them because he believes it sets his style to a whole different level.

                 Abdullah Naser Al-Enezi also known as Nizzy is a local graffiti artist known in different parts of the middle east. I was very impressed with his skill and loved his very boldly expression in his art work. I spoke to him and asked him to tell me a little about his personal style and he stated  " I dress very simple and very comfortable..." He said that "my style was influenced by hip hop. I like to wear baggy pants or fitted jeans on regular occasions but, when I want to dress up I wear a button down with a clean shave." When I asked him what personal style was to him he stated "dress to express not to impress" he went on to saying "wearing something because of everyone else is wearing it is different than taking pieces that you like and combining them to your own taste." " That's the true difference between trend and personal style." I enjoyed getting to know these people and how much they had to say about there personal style. I hope for those of you coming up who have still a lot to learn about themselves and style look at each of them as inspiration to dress for your own comfort and desire. I hope you guys enjoyed this posts I'll leave each of there Instagram names down below. xoxoxo


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