26 December 2016

Mom jeans equality | Naimah.A

Hello Dolls

              I hope all is well where ever your beautiful souls are. Today I'm here to bring back my most favorite trends that I have worn in the past on my blog which is mom jeans. I was always afraid of styling them in the past because I never taught it matched my body shape. For many women their biggest fear is wearing mom jeans and not having it flatter there bodies. I was very skeptical and kept telling myself it wouldn't work and that I had to loose weight in order for it to look good. I finally decided to take a chance and wear it with confidence and it's been the best decision i've ever made. Cheers to mom jeans equality because it doesn't matter how it looks it's about the attitude you have while wearing it. I hope you guys enjoyed my post make sure you comment down below and share this post. Till next time XOXOXO

Outfit Details 
Crop Top : H&M
Jeans : Levi's
Shoes : Charlette Russe


  1. attitude is everything! I agree with you, we should wear whatever we like as long as it feels right and as long as we feel great wearing it. I think I have only one pair of mom jeans but I love wearing them.

    your casual styling is adorable...I love the cropped top and the sneakers are really lovely. You look beautiful!

  2. It doesn't matter what you wear, Naimah, you always look classy, stylish and so YOU and that's the most important thing.

  3. I agree with you, the attitude is very important.
    Beautiful shooting.
    KissesMaggie Dallospedale Fashion diary - Fashion blog

  4. I like this type of jeans! Very nice combo dear.
    Happy New Year :-*