19 April 2017

Bulling | Naimah.A.

 Hello Dolls
             I hope all is well where ever your beautiful souls are at. Today I wanted to talk about a very important topic that is ignored a lot which is bulling. I seriously can't stress how important it is to address it and call it out. I feel like in this day and age there's so many different ways to pick on somebody and make them feel like an outcast. The biggest way to show case hatred and negativity is usually through social media. A lot of times you would find a complete stranger commenting under a photo of someone they don't know and pick at them. It's really sad for me to see that from a stranger because if shows how easy judgement can be passed and slowly become bulling. I got picked on a lot when I was younger and still experienced people picking on me in my adult life. Being younger it was a lot more harder to deal with because I never spoke out to anyone. I felt very alone and couldn't stand up to the people who bullied me unless it was violent. Now that I am older that has changed and I actually speak out or ignore people picking on me. I feel like it's important to speak out when being picked on or at least tell an adult if your under age. Thank you guys for reading my post and please make sure to stand up for each other. Till next time loves XOXOXO

Outfit Details 
Top : Gap
Leggings : Forever21
Jacket : Sports illustrated 
Heels : New Look


  1. Bullying is a very serious problem and you're right to notice that it is present on social networks. This worries me a lot, especially because this means that kids can easily become victims of peer bullying via social media...Tragically, some young victims of bullying are exposed to bullying almost constantly because even when they get home from school, the bullies from school still threaten them with the help of social media. For kids it is very hard to deal with bullying because of peer pressure and the natural desire to fit in. I think most of us can deal with it more easily when we get older and find our identity.

    I think your advice to kids to search for a help of an adult is a sound advice. If the bullies go to same school as victim, it is probably best for kids to talk with their teacher. Most educators have at least some experience with bullying and I do think that most teachers are willing to help. Even if bullies don't come from the same school, it is still good for the kids to talk to their teachers and/or parents.

    Internet makes it possible for those who say hurtful things to remain invisible. Internet enables bullies to remain anonymous. Anyone can say anything on Internet...and it is very hard to call out those people when we don't even know who they are. Perhaps ignoring is the best way to deal with internet bullies...that or simply writing a reply that puts them in their place. I suppose it depends on situation. I remember when one blogger wrote how someone commented on her blog saying how she is fat and she shouldn't wear this or that...that was ridiculous! She wasn't even fat but even if she was nobody has the right to tell her what she should or shouldn't wear. I think that people who leave that kind of comments are deeply frustrated. The best way to deal with such 'comments' is to delete them. We all work hard on our blogs and we shouldn't allow anyone to bring negativity to them. Perhaps we should apply the same method to other social media. It depends on the situation, but we should all know that we have the right to defend our 'personal space' and stand up for ourselves...the same goes for personal Internet space we may create on some domain.

    Great jacket! Lovely denim top...I really like your leggings and sandals too. The sunnies are absolutely fabulous. Such a sweet look altogether. You look totally fantastic.

  2. You look stunning dear! These shoes are amazing.
    Have a lovely Sunday :-***

  3. Beyond glamorous!!!!! Love that stunning look on you darling!
    Stay fab!
    much love, Len