25 January 2016

Playing dress up! | Naimah.A.

Hello Glam Dolls

         I usually play around with my style of dressing all the time it kinda reminds me of playing dress up. If many of you don't know I am a kid at heart and, I like to incorporate that into how I dress. I scramble through my wardrobe for nearly hours just to find an outfit that suits me. For this look right here I wore jeans under this romper I bought from H&M recently. At first I didn't like the concept of a jean and a romper together but, honestly you can't knock it till you try it. Right! Well I went ahead and did it and that's how this look came about.

              I recently purchased a new camera so I can produce better quality pictures for you guys. It's been a constant struggle having to use my digital camera when it just didn't produce what I desired. I know many people out there want to start a blog or a youtube channel and have no clue how important content quality is. The quality of your pictures and videos speaks so much more louder to viewers and is the main reason why there engaged. I didn't know the importance until recently my posts have been gaining major audience and views. I'm so much more excited to share more looks with you guys and I hope you guys are too. If you guys want guide tips on how to start a blog let me know and email me questions you would like me to answer. I hope you guys like this look and find it inspiring make sure you comment and follow down below. Till nest time dolls xoxo

Outfit Details:
Romper: H&M
Jeans: Forever 21
Bag: Burberry
Boots: Forever 21

21 January 2016

DressLink wish list | Naimah.A.

Hello Glam dolls

          On todays post I will be collaborating with Dresslink online store and i'll be showcasing some of my desired items from there. If you guys aren't familiar with Dresslink it's a very popular online store which provides stylish trendy items for a good price. I know for many collage students this would be very helpful and, they ship worldwide. I myself have spotted many items I would like from there but, I decided to condense my list to the items down below. So here is my wish list I hope you guys enjoy.


 Boylymia roman style heel

 Boylymia fashion women romper

18 January 2016

Black & White | Naimah.A.

Hello Glam Dolls 

              I have been religiously posting twice a week for you guys and I must say it's been a lot of fun. I love giving you guys plenty of insight into my thoughts and diverse style sense but, it all gets over whelming at times. As a writer and a content creator I run out of inspiration of things I would like to share. I get so motivated by all of the lovely comments posted by you guys and, you taking your time to read my post. I would never want to give up blogging for anything in this world but, I feel like I should go back to posting once a week. It gives me the medium balance and lets me focus on other aspects of my life as well. This week is the last week I'l be posting twice I'm going to do a collaboration with dress link so be on the look out for that post.

             So with that being said I'm going to go ahead and explain the mad story behind this look. I remember promising you guys more posts of me wearing Turbans. So I went a head and practiced a few more styles until I found one that I like which was this one. I love the combination of the colors black and white, there is this effortless elegance or edge that comes with the combination. I asked my younger brother (yes I'm older) to go ahead and style an outfit with the same color concept. It was really fun to see what he came up with and, I enjoyed shooting with him. I hope you guys found this look and also the one that my brother put together inspiring. Make sure you leave a comment down below and, Share this with your friends and family. Till next time Dolls xoxoxo

Outfit #1 Details:
Top: New Yorker
Jeans: Cato's fashion
Flannel: H&M
Heels: New Yorker

Outfit #2 Details:
Top: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Footlocker


14 January 2016

Winter Colors | Naimah.A.

Hello Glam Dolls 

              In the midst of these snow storms and rainy weather we still have to obtain a great fashion sense. I love winter fashion even though Qatar doesn't allow me to fully participate in it. It rarely snows or rains here which sucks because I love snow so much. Another thing that I love as much as snow is winter colors, the black, white and maroons really set the tone for the season. I want to share some looks I would definitely wear out this winter season and I used to put these looks together through Polyvore. I hope you guys enjoy this post and let me know in the comments witch one is your favorite look. Till next time xoxoxo

11 January 2016

Switch It up | Naimah.A.

Hello Glam Dolls

                  I know many of you are expecting a Naimah Talks post on mondays but I am sorry I just had to switch it up. I don't like to fall into a routined lifestyle, sometimes it's ok to do things differently. I personally have a control issue over time, I believe time is so valuable that you have to cherish every second of it. It sounds so crazy but honestly with the amount of hours we have in a day we can achieve endless tasks. With me knowing that I set a routine up for myself so I can use the time efficiently and, achieve as much as I could. The routine went great for me for a little while until I started getting bored of it. Everything got repetitive and draining so I decided to change my routine up. I'm constantly going to be sharing twice a week but, I won't have a set theme. I want to share based on how I feel that week instead of what I promised you guys. This makes blogging that much more fun for me. 

               Speaking of change I started getting into Turbans lately. I personally don't like the specific style I'm wearing it today simply because it was my first try ( I have to share the good and bad lol ). I do like how it goes really well with this turtle neck blouse I purchased from H&M recently. I felt like styling this look was so simple and effortless for many of you who are always rushing to school in the mornings. This look is dedicated to you guys in school I understand the struggle. I will be posting more looks of me styling a turban for you guys so stay tune. Make sure you comment, follow and share this with you friends. Till next time xoxoxo

Outfit Details
Turtle Neck: H&M
Jeans: Forever21
Boots: H&M

07 January 2016

The best of me | Naimah.A.

"You haven't seen the best of me yet, love.
You haven't seen my potential of my
Intensity or the depth of my passion that
I know deep in my bones I am capable of.
That we all are capable of.
I want to set the fire of the truth I see around
me and I want it to burn in the eyes 
of those who don't see the world the way 
I do. I want to be strange and difficult
and to stir in the hearts of men who choose 
to see the world so plainly.
This city taught me to be fierce
and, fierce, I will be."

-Christopher Poindexter 

Hello Glam Dolls 

What an intro right? your probably wondering why I re-wrote Christopher Poindexter's poem?
From the moment I read this poem I felt like my thought's and emotions were being rebirth. With this being the first fashion post of the year it only felt right to give you a little insight on the inspiration behind my upcoming looks. I had posted my resolutions earlier this week and those were my personal resolutions I have set for myself. As for my blog I would like to produce more better quality content for you guys this up coming year. I won't give too much away but, this year I'm coming with way much more than I have given you guys last year. So stay tune to my blog, make sure you follow and comment down below. All outfit details will be listed down below, I hope you find this look inspiring for any future looks. Till next time xoxoxo.

Outfit Details:
Boots: H&M
Jeans: Forever21
Top: Red Tag
Cardigan: H&M
Bag: Pimpkie

03 January 2016

Kissing 2015 good bye | New years resolutions

Hello glam dolls

                    My year has been the most wonderful blessed roller coaster ever (lol). I mean one minute I'm all joy and laugher and the next I was breaking down in tears. I really feel like this year I grew and learned way more than I anticipated about myself which is such a wonderful thing. I also unleashed so much more of my potential on my blog and in my personal life. If I could go back and relive a moment it would be when I went to Somalia for the first time with my family. It was one of the most unique trips ever, I learned how to hike and co-live with farm animals. I was the most hesitant out of everybody in my family but, this trip was meant to be and it exceeded my expectations. Another big accomplishment was graduating from high school and, finally getting my diploma. It felt really good to finally graduate and be able to follow my dreams in full affect. The biggest lesson I learned in 2015 is not to take you family for granted, I didn't know how blessed I was until I went to Somalia and had a first hand experience of what other families go through. Looking back I didn't think my year would go like this but, I'm perfectly happy with how it all went.

            Now that I have arrived in the new year well and healthy I had made a few resolutions I want to fulfill through out this year. My first resolution is to continue a healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle over all. I have been eating all over the place in 2015 so in 2016 I want to care for my body in the best way possible. My second resolution is to start a Youtube channel where I can share more of my personal style and my beauty regimen with you guys. So you should defiantly be on the look out for upcoming videos. My last resolution is to create a better spiritual connection with the Lord and also within myself.  I know you guys are probably reading this and thinking my resolutions are simple but, honestly you never know what to expect when it comes to life so control what you have control over and leave the rest up to God. I hope you guys enjoyed my little Kanye rant (lol) but, in all seriousness I hope you guys write a few resolutions you would like to fulfill down in the comment section. Till next time Glam dolls xoxoxo.