26 September 2016

Self confidence | Naimah.A.

 Hello Dolls

                 I've received an email from a young lady who's name shall be anonymous, and she asked me how do I stay so confident in my own skin. I honestly had no right answer because as much as I wanted to give her great advice I couldn't help but feel biased. I told her that I too struggle with self confidence from time to time and for years iv'e been in a
constant battle because I've experienced being bulling for so long. Not many people would expect that from me because iv'e grown so strong over the years but from time to time I do experience harsh words that do break me down. I explained to her that self love and confidence is a constant battle for me but it's a battle that I never let defeat me. My number one way of coping with these challenging times is praying about them and keeping positive. I also like to do things that make me happy like shooting for my blog and doing my makeup. I just keep my mind so busy on all the great things I'm capable of and have that it kinda out ways the negative comments and gives me that self reassurance. So no matter if I come off as strong and resilient I still experience harsh words that do bring me down and my way of coping with it is be acknowledging it and remembering my worth.

Outfit Details
Top : New yorker
Dress : Gloria Vanderbilt
Stocking : H&M
Shoes : H&M

19 September 2016

Natural Glow | Naimah.A.

Hello Dolls

        As a young girl I always loved playing with glitter and all things shiny. I was obsessed with glitter to where I would have it covering my palms and the sides of my face. To be completely honest everyone around me thought I looked ridiculous and a complete mess, but that never stopped me from standing out amongst the crowed with my glowing face. 12 years later I get the chance to experiment with makeup and it filled my heart the same way glitter did back in the day. My favorite part about makeup is when I apply highlighter on my face so it can give it a sun kissed glow. Many of you have sent me Dm's asking me what product I use to get my highlight to be so popping and it would be Bh cosmetics Carli Bybel 14 color eyeshadow and highlighter palette. If any of you are interested on buying the palette I leave a link here. Make sure if you purchased it you Dm me or email me your reviews.

13 September 2016

Minimal Edge | Naimah.A.

Hello Dolls

           I've been feeling this edgy minimal swag from the 90's lately and I have been incorporating that highly into my style. I feel as though you never run out of inspirations when it comes to your style if you occasionally visit different style era's. I work really hard on finding unique pieces to style up or down depending on the day. I hope you guys enjoy this look as much as I enjoyed putting it together and be sure to check my last post. Till next time xoxoxo.

Outfit Details
scarf : River Island
Crop Top : New Yorker
Top : Levis
Leggings : Forever21
Shoes : New Yorker