25 July 2016

Be your own muse

Hello Dolls

                Apart from the fact that I took such a long hiatus from blogging i've actually felt like I lost my Muse. So much was going on around me and that spark and fire I had in me has just faded away, well I thought it did. Even with so much going on I still decided to put aside some time to find that spark again. I tried multiple different things like apply my makeup differently or, go shopping for new outfits for future blogs. It was all fun believe me but it didn't bring back the insane fulfillment I had before I left Qatar. I get a call from my friend Vj asking to hang out and I quickly suggest we shoot together knowing he has a great sense of style. With him and me choosing to collaborate together it has brought me instant fulfillment and I was ready to find my muse again. So for those of you who feel like you don't got that spark anymore always remember to be you own muse. Being your own muse will bring you such great fulfillment and will make you feel strong and content with yourself. Thank you guys for continuously reading my posts and choosing to support my blog it means the world to me. Make sure to comment down below and share this with friends and family. Till next time xoxoxo

Outfit Details for me

Top : Forever21 
Cardigan : H&M
jeans : Forever21
Heels : New Look

Outfit Details for Vj

T-shirt : H&M
Jeans : Pacsun
Shoes :  Nike

18 July 2016

Advertisement campaign for Anoud Contacts | Naimah.A.

Hello dolls 

               I've have been so busy this past month or so with Ramadan and also traveling all the way back to the States. I seriously missed blogging for you guys and simply sharing a piece of me with you. I definitely feel like taking a break was a must for me because there was so much going on and I also needed to get the balance in my life back into place. Now that everything feels normal again I decided to share my recent shoot shot with Nairooz and Moody who offered me to model for them before I traveled. It's always a pleasure working with the both of them and they always make the experience memorable. This photoshoot was for the contact lens brand names La_beaute_qtr on Instagram, and the shoot was for the launch of their first contact brand based in Qatar. I'm so honored to be apart of something like this and I hope you guys enjoy these photos. Make sure you go check out @La_beaute_qtr on Instagram and leave a comment down below.