29 December 2017

Happy New Years | Naimah.A.

                                                                           Hello Dolls

                       I'm so excited to finally be writing a New Year's post. As per usual every year has drastic ups and downs and I wouldn't trade my experiences for the world. 2017 was my "WHAT IF" year. I was constantly second guessing myself wondering if I was good enough, smart enough, strong enough for every situation I faced. I broke a lot of internal doubt in 2017 and embraced a new found courage within. I cut all my hair off so I can break my internalized beauty standards. I experimented with different hair styles and looks which helped me create a new sense of style. I got out of my comfort zone and  collaborated with different artists along the way. In 2017 I knocked down the walls of "WHAT IF" and found my inner courage all over again. I'm so excited to see what 2018 brings. I'm not a resolutions kinda girl but I will keep you posted on the growth and progress I make this time around next year. Life is too short and I want to live up each moment to the best of my abilities and I hope you do too. I hope you guys like this post till next time XOXO

12 December 2017

Finally 21 | Naimah.A

Hello Dolls 

                        I hope all is well wherever your beautiful souls are at. My 21st birthday was this passed Thursday and I can't explain how long I anticipated for this day to hit. My adult life birthdays have been very basic in the past few years ,and it was mainly because of me not showing my internal excitement. I always had some fairy tale hope that all the people that love me will come together and throw me a massive celebration to remember. The reality of my past birthdays have been nothing like that in fact my 19th birthday was a surprise mess. This year I wanted to take matters into my own hands and celebrate my growth made within this year. 

                  Being 20 comes with some sort of independence but 21 is when u fully knock all the barriers down and your considered a real adult. I'm so grateful for my cousins and my best friend who are all practically my sisters for taking they're time to make me feel special on this day. I'm so grateful for all the growth I've made within this year and for all the amazing experiences that took place. I'm also grateful for all the birthday wishes and excited to see what this year has in store. Till next time XOXO

21 November 2017

My hair journey | Naimah.A.

Hello Dolls 

           I've been through so many drastic hair changes in the past couple of months (gosh it's exhausting lol). I always wanted to experiment with my hair but never knew where to start. My hair journey has taught me so much about myself and it goes a little like this. I grew up on braids and protective styles so, it wasn't shocking when my boyish self got mistaken for my brother. I liked it a whole lot and didn't find nothing wrong with it until I got to high school and most girls had their hair figured out. I used to wear the hijab for the most part but as soon I decided to show my hair the big reveal wasn't too impressive. I didn't know how to make the frizz in my hair go away or have my edges laid like most girls. I would take the easiest route and straighten my hair every morning before school, and I still didn't feel beautiful. I remember how difficult it was for me to get my hair to look sleek straight and frizz free for my graduation. Oh how much I cringe every time I look back at those pictures. 

                   After not having to wake up everyday to straighten my hair, I stumbled across YouTube videos that cater to a girl like myself. I learned a lot about different curl patterns and ways of caring for my hair. That's when I cut my hair to my ear length and nurtured my curls for almost 2 years. My patients has paid off and right when I was fully fulfilled; I chose to switch gears and cut my hair all off. Everybody kept asking why I did it as if I sacrificed a baby to the wolves and I always told them 'I just felt like it'. I felt so beautiful with my short hair and I truly never felt so free and powerful in my whole life. I dyed my hair blonde, and it's been the first time ever changing my hair color so you can only imagine how I felt. With all that taking place I decided to take it back to the old school days and get myself some box braids. As you can tell from down below I really love my new hair style and I hope you stick around more for my hair transformation. I worked with a local photographer named @allouisjphotography, and he's helped me capture these amazing photos of myself. You should go give his Instagram posts a look you'll be amazed. Till next time loves XOXOXO

Outfit Details
 Sweater : Forever21
 Jeans : Gab
Sox : Rue21
Shoes : Zumies 

06 November 2017

What Rupi Kaur taught me | Naimah.A.

Hello Dolls

                   I hope all is well wherever your beautiful souls are at. I recently picked up a new read form a local bookstore called The Sun and the flowers writen by Rupi Kaur. I have read her previous poetry book which has moved me beyond measures. So I figured picking up the new book will bring back the thrill of reading poems to me. After reading this masterpiece I felt that it has spoken volume to my soul. She covered so many things from having immigrant parents, being a first generation American, to self love, and healing. Here is one of many poems that resonated to me...

"How do I shake this envy 
when I see you doing so well 
sister how do I love myself enough to know
your accomplishments are not my failures"

         Growing up being raised by an immigrant mother comparison to other kids was a form of encouragement. I for one hated it growing up, but looking back I know my mother wanted nothing but the best for me. I didn't have the highest self esteem growing up either so excelling in nearly everything was so important. I was really hard on myself  and failure wasn't acceptable until it became a routine. That's where I had to learn to be okay with failing and being happy if one of my peers accomplished something I wanted to. The next poem that had also hit home for me goes a little like this.

"I made change after change
on the road to perfection
but when I finally felt beautiful enough 
their definition of beauty 
suddenly changed 

What if there is no finish line 
and in an attempt to keep up 
I lose the gift I was born with 
for a beauty so insecure 
it con't commit to itself"

         The unrealistic beauty standards that society holds for women is constantly changing and evolving. For women like me to constantly doubt ourselves and chase after the new beauty trends is for many reasons unhealthy and exhausting. I for one gave up early on beauty standards that in all reality has no substance and holds no truth to me. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and give Rupi Kaur new book a read. Down below are photo's I've collaborated on with @meeksmediaofficial on Instagram be sure to check out his amazing work. Till next time xoxoxo

Outfit Details 
Top : Forever 21
Pants : Amazon 
Heel : Cape Robbin

23 October 2017

The art of collaborating | Naimah.A

Hello Dolls

                       I hope all is well wherever your beautiful souls are at. Today I wanted to write a post that cateres to all the creatives who don't live in a large city packed with opportunities. It can get a bit frustrating for some of us with massive dreams and limited access to exposure and opportunities. I am an example of a creative who constantly had big ideas and wanted them to come to life but didn't quite have the proper tools. I always hoped for a big brand to notice me and sponsor my visions in anyway possible. That is not always ideal when you are one of many trying to be noticed. So in my quest to recognition I learned the art of collaborating with other creatives and bringing our unique skills together. You won't believe how much can be accomplished when different skills come into play. It can be a bit challenging to step out of your comfort zone at first but once you do, asking others to collaborate with you will be second nature.

              I have got such an amazing opportunity to work with an old high school friend of mine whose drive still blows me away. She has an amazing line of T-shirts that rep the city area code she's from. When I asked her what was the Inspiration behind the amazing brand this is what she said " Since I've started 7FortyGear I've always had trouble answering the question on what inspired me to make my brand. Now after almost a year I can honestly say I started 7FortyGear to give others around me hope that you can do anything you set your heart to do, no matter where you come from. I started this so my city can be a city of believers and achievers." It was really inspirational seeing someone I practically grew up with make such an impact. I myself own a pair of 7FortyGear and I had fun styling it for my look down below. If you would like to purchase any of the 7FortyGear press here and show my entrepreneur friend support. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, Till next time XoXo.

Outfit Details 
T-shirt : 7FortyGear
Overall : Levi's
Sox: Zumies
Boots : Forever21