07 December 2015

Naimah Talks: Comfort doesn't meet success

Hello Beauties

            I was sitting around one day and I was reminiscing on life and how far I've gotten with blogging. Honestly looking back I was afraid to take blogging serious because I didn't think what I had to say or share mattered. I loved writing and expressing myself but, going into blogging was such a big leap of faith for me. I was afraid to be judged for my thoughts and labeled a certain way on here. I kept having this gut feeling that my fear were all in my head and it was another way for me to stay in my comfort zone. I didn't have a lot to lose other than my comfort, and I had a world of knowledge to gain in this certain aspect. I then later went ahead and did what I was afraid to do which was expressing my self through my personal style and thoughts. I really have gained so much confidence to be me and accepting every thing that comes with it but the most valuable lesson I learnt was Comfort doesn't meet success.

             I sat on my desk thinking to myself where would I be if I didn't risk what I had going on for me to do this? and to be quite honest I would have been probably in a stagnate place in my life. I encourage every person I see to ditch the comfort and go after whatever it is that they love. Many people would say it's too hard or too out of my league but, the only thing that doesn't put them in that league is the amount of effort they lack to put in. For example there are many people who hang out with a certain crowd because, it makes them comfortable. They won't go out there and try to meet new people who think or act differently because, it's too ironic or weird and it takes a lot out of them. The advantages would be much more rewarding because you would elevate your mind to think broader then you circle. You learn how to conduct a conversation with someone who has a different opinion and out look in life than you. Plus great opportunities and experiences will come your way just from simply stepping out if you bubble.

             There are so many successful and iconic people that we know of who took the same risk of stepping out of there bubble. Guess what many even failed at there first attempt and second but still that didn't stop them. Once your determined to never get comfortable or stagnate in your life or career you'll notice some of the biggest changes in you. These changes are always for the better because one thing that is constant in life is change change and more change. I read this article from Forbes.com and it was titled "6 ways pushing past your comfort zone is critical to success". Kathy Caprino who covers careers, leadership and women in business stated " I've seen that one of the most damaging things you can do in your career is stay for years where your comfortable." She also said " I've learnt (the hard way) that no job is secure. The only thing that is secure in life is you and  your spirit, your heart, your talents and gifts, and your ability to contribute at a high level to something that matters to you in life".

       The amount of celebrities or iconic people who failed at there first attempt is endless. My two favorite unique stories are Albert Einsteins and Thomas Edison. These two share similar backgrounds where they were doubted by teachers at their schools. One being labeled as slow and the other labeled stupid they both proved many people wrong. Albert Einstein has walked away with a nobel prize in changing the face of modern physics and Thomas Edison  after 1000 failed attempts at inventing a light bulb he finally made one that worked. So don't let anything scare you from stepping out of your comfort or your bubble because comfort won't meet success. Thanks you guys for reading and if any of you have a topic you would like me to discuss email me. Please leave a comment and subscribe to my blog. Thank you!


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