30 November 2015

The Molton Brown grand opening

Hello Beauties  

              I hope all of guys are doing wonderful this lovely Monday. I know mondays are such a drain for many and it is the day everyone would love to sleep in but, lets look at the bright side you'll be reading Naimah's monday morning post. Okay that sounds so cliché but just remember it was a joke people. Despite me trying to cheer you up I have a wonderful post I would like to share with you guys.

               I have recently attended the Molton Brown grand opening here in Doha Qatar and, honestly it was such a wonderful experience. I have came around to finally meeting many of the fashion bloggers here in Qatar and, it was such a great feeling to finally meet others who know and love blogging as much as you do. I had worn a fall look not knowing what to predict for this unpredictable weather changes we've been recently having. Y'all know how crucially important layering is for the fall and winter seasons, it's seriously one of my favorite trends of all times.

           So I decided to go ahead and layer minimal pieces together so I can get that fall street style and it actually worked. I was so consumed with the event I didn't take enough pictures like I usually do but the effort is what counts right. I would be having many more fashion related post this upcoming month so I'll make it up to you guys. Nevertheless Outfit details are down below thanks to everyone who comments and subscribes I really appreciate it.

Outfit Detail's
Top: Red Tag
Navy Cardigan: H&M
 Vest: Vintage
Jeans: Cato's Fashion
Boot's: Forever 21

24 November 2015

3 top favorite bloggers

Hello Lovelies

      It's another fantastic week which means another weekly posts. Yay! Okay excuse my dramatic introduction I am just excited for this upcoming week and I hope you guys are too. I was recently surfing through blogs you know having a good read. Than I remembered why I started all of this? What inspired me to become a blogger? I had a honest love for fashion at a very young age for as long as I can remember but, it had gotten to a point where I wanted to channel my ideas and creativity. That's how the idea of blogging came about, I seen multiple inspirations all over then I thought to myself I can do that too. I always held back and thought I wouldn't be good enough but, I decided to neglect all my doubt and go full force. Once I began, there was no stopping for me I went out of my way to prove my own self wrong. Anyway enough about me let me get into some of the inspiration I had listed as my top 3 favorite bloggers. Thank you so much for visiting I hope you had a good read. I will have there links below so be sure to check them out.

Shirley B. Eniang

           Before I started blogging I was a youtube fanatic and I still am one till this day. I ran into Shirley's youtube channel and that's when I sparked interest in her style. I later found out she was a blogger which was even more exciting because it meant more insight into her wardrobe. Her recent post titled 'Clean Slate' is my favorite for many reasons. I enjoyed the way she rocked the all white with the gold belt. What sets Shirley different from many is her love for neutral colors and her bringing some of the old trends back. It really revives my spirit to read her post and see her growing out all trends and, embracing the new ones.

  Bárbara Marques
       When I first visited Barbara 's blog I didn't know what to expect. All I wanted was inspiration on future outfits I didn't think I would be hooked. After her first post I came back time after time. My favorite post was when Bárbara had a formal sporty look. The post is titled #Myblogisbetterthanyou themed after her T shirts that you can find at My kind of joy shop. She is holding up two full time jobs at the moment which to me is very inspirational because, I know how hard it is to maintain a blog and a job.

      To rap up my rounded list of blogger that I obsess over is my Switzerland swear heart. Lol It's catchy isn't it (Switzerland sweat heart) okay I'm done. Michèle has the most diverse style I've ever seen she takes you beyond your average sites and on an adventure. I read her post and forget why I landed on her blog it's so catchy and inspirational like rest of the blogs I've stated. I must admit it reminds me of story time of when I was in kindergarten and I my teacher use to read me books and I would get lost in the story. Anyway I'm back from my daze my favorite post of hers is Autumn with bare legs which is such a chic and daring look. She has showed off her long lean legs in an unwelcoming weather now that is a risk taker. She is always daring when it comes to her posts she isn't afraid to stand out or be questioned and I really love that about her.


16 November 2015

Naimah Talks Appreciation

Hello Lovelies

        It's me again here with another weekly posts. I honestly love doing the Naimah Talks segments because I feel like this is when I am very personable to you guys. I have the most reads on these topics which is really great and it's good to know I am touching young hearts. I a young lady myself have lots of trials and tribulations in life and me overcoming them makes me obligated to share these experiences with you guys.

     Today's topic is about appreciating loved ones who matter. A lot of us get consumed in our lives and fall into a pattern of just being there. When I say just being there is being in a situation where you don't belong or don't feel appreciated. Honestly appreciation and acknowledgement are very important from the people you surround yourself with. If the people around you constantly look at you and say you can do better or saying you weren't good enough they are verbally shrinking your confidence. It's not okay for someone you consider close to you to be able to be belligerent with there words. It's good to receive constructive criticism but there is a fine line between tough love and emotional demise.

     I also think that you receive what you give out. If your negative and condescending you only attract negative condescending people who don't care about how you feel. The harsh reality is that we expect thing we can't give. If your not appreciating the people around you don't expect them to appreciate you. Make sure your true to yourself by practicing the actions that you desire other to do. Life is too short and remember you do have control over your actions. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I really appreciate your support and love, make sure you comment and subscribe by email down below.

09 November 2015

Street Grunge

Hello lovelies 

          It's another fantastic week ahead of us so, what better way to start the week than a cup a tea and a good read. I have been working on my blogs design for the past week that's the reason why I didn't post but I'm back and I'm better. I have been loving the weather so much lately and doing looks for Fall is my favorite. I had a little shopping spree and I have picked up some of the recent items I'm wearing. I also brought back some items from my last year Fall season. I bought my killer heels from Forever 21 and let me tell you I was eyeing them for months. When I finally got my paycheck I didn't let nothing distract me and I bought them. I seriously believe in retail therapy and its impact in my life because I was happy and jolly after this purchase. I already had a mental image of what I wanted to pair with this outfit. I hope you guys enjoy this look and find it inspiring for your future posts. Outfit details are below. Enjoy!

Outfit Details
Jacket: Kohl's
Sweater: Cato's Fashion
Jeans: New Yorker
Heel's: Forever 21