17 August 2015

Naimah Talks: Self love and fitting in

Hello lovelies

     I know for many this topic here is a very sensitive topic and, your unsure where to go to or who to go to. I am not a life coach or a motivational speaker but, I simply can let you in on my experience. Growing up I never fit in with to many people, I was constantly bullied and called names. I didn't have an older sister to talk to or confide in. I felt constant pressure to be someone other than myself because, no one would like me for me. I didn't have no type of confidence in myself, I always waited for acceptance or approvals. As soon as I reached high school things got even harder, I was more insecure then ever. I remember one day my Spanish teacher complimented my eyes in front of the whole class.

             I never noticed how beautiful my eyes were until she said it, ever since then I waited to hear a compliment for me to love myself. I started hanging with the wrong crowd and, I was starting to like the sudden attention I was getting. After a short period everyone in the school knew me, and many boys had crushes on me. My personality changed from the quiet girl to a loud and funny girl. I was good at being funny and outspoken, but was that really me? Time went on and, I got trapped being someone I was not. This made it hard for me to ignore what people thought. I started getting caught up in the wrong crowd doing the wrong thing, and before you know it I was lost. I swear the hardest thing I faced was knowing who I really was outside my friends and, the influences around me. I seriously had to pull away, and notice my actions hurt the people who cared the most. I didn't have no one to turn to so I went on YouTube.

             I looked at a few YouTubers who spoke about self love and actually being yourself. I observed and, used them on my daily life to see the difference. I cut off all the people who brought and fed my life no purpose. Many times the people around you have the biggest effect on your attitude and behavior. I also started exploring my creativity by writing poems and sketching to express myself. Many times I would feel lonely because my only friend lived so far and, I wouldn't have no one to really talk to. I also started reading books that taught me to better myself and never settle for less. To be completely honest everything started paying off because I was loving the person I became. There is nothing better than loving yourself and, not settling for less. Have confidence in your self and grind I swear everything will pay off.

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10 August 2015

Hiking tips and Outfit Fail

Hello lovelies

      It's been such a long time since I have posted on here. I am officially back!! To be quiet honest I have missed posting for you guys so much. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who comment, and support. I have been in my mother's country for little over three weeks, and I have already gotten into so many activities. I went hiking with my little brothers, and it was the most adventures thing I have ever done. I had to put on my sneakers, and pack my snacks because this was a trip to remember. I want to share 3 basic tips on the appropriate attire to wear when hiking in the African Savanna.

Tip #1 Footwear

     Honestly you don't have to be fancy with your footwear it will get dirty during your hike. So invest in a convenient sneakers that you'll be willing to get dirty. Make sure they are strong enough to resist thorns and sharp items. You really don't know what to expect on a hike.

Tip #2 Snack and water

     This here should be common sense because hikes get hot and tiring. It wouldn't be safe for you to drink from the rivers or normal tap water. They will get you sick and have your stomach running for weeks. Instead pack a already bottled water and some crackers. Well that is what I did because I love crackers.

Tip #3 Clothing
          I had made such a huge mistake because, I wore the wrong outfit for this trip. I wore jeans that seemed pretty comfortable at first but later weigh me down. Wear comfortable sweats or joggers, depending on the weather that day you might just settle for shorts. I wore an Abaya over my outfit because it's traditional for a girl to dress that way. I decided why not dress it up and, look cute but it was such a massive set back. Totally dress for the occasion because, when I got back my outfit was dusty and ruined.

Outfit Details:
Jeans: H&M
Top: H&M
Abaya: Thrift
Shoes: Air Walks
Bag Pack: Jansport

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