25 October 2016

Gap Snapchat Takeover : Naimah A.

Hello Dolls 

                    I'm here to give you guys a solo visual with me wearing a few Gap pieces. I recently have collaborated with Gap on a snapchat takeover and I did manage to shoot myself wearing it. I wanted to thank you guys for tuning into my snapchat takeover and continuously supporting me. I hope you guys enjoy this visual till next time XOXOXO.

Outfit Details:
Shoes : Vans
Jeans : Gap
Top : Gap
Cardigan : Gap

17 October 2016

Meet J Stock : Naimah.A.

Hello Dolls 

              I hope all is well where ever your beautiful souls might be. Today I present to you a very important person that has made such great impact on me these past few weeks. He is a talented artist by the Name of J stock and I'm happy to call him one of my dear friends. I have recently came around to hearing some of his music which has fascinated me on so many levels. I wanted to introduce you to his music and share the wonderful photos we took together this past week. If you guys are interested in knowing where some of the pieces worn are from check the outfit details down below. Make sure you also check out his Instagram @stock_marley and the wonderful person who is responsible for all the photos taken here @Trvsclmnts. He has some of the dopest pictures on his Instagram so make sure you follow him. I hope you guys enjoy this post and for more of J Stock's music press the links down below. Till Next Time XOXOXO

Click Here
Click Here

His Outfit Details 
Shirt : SoleClassics
Shorts : Army Supply Store
Shoes : Air Jordan Retro 

Her's Outfit Details 
T-shirt : Old Navy
Leggings : Forever21
Shoes : New Yorker 
Jacket : Holloway

11 October 2016

Trend setting | Naimah.A.

Hello Dolls

            I hope all is well where ever your beautiful souls maybe. Today I'm here to bring to you one of the outstanding distinct styles I have come across in a very long time. I always wanted to go behind the camera for once and shoot all the amazing styles I have spotted for my blog. I can finally make that dream come true with my first male style feature on my blog. My friend sam who is really a trend setter in my eye's has managed to pull off this very bright vibrant look. He paired a bright yellow shirt he purchased from PacSun with a simple Levis denim jeans and also threw on a matching shoes which went hand in hand with his shirt. To top it all off he paired this look with a simple belt which I find is such a staple when trying pull off such a look. I hope you guys enjoy sam's style as much as I do, make sure you follow his Instagram and check out all his wonderful pictures by clicking here. Outfit details will be down below till next time xoxoxo.

Outfit Details

shoes : Sole classics 
Jeans : Levis
Shirt : PacSun

03 October 2016

Serenity : Naimah.A.

Hello Dolls

               I hope all is well where ever your beautiful souls might be. I've been really busy lately and I do find myself wanting to meditate on my free time. A lot of people like to meditate at anytime of the day and whenever they can but, I like to meditate once a week at my favorite place that I recently discovered. It's called the Giggs Nature Preserve and it has this beautiful water fall that brings my mind to peace. I thought I would shoot there when I got the chance so I can capture myself in my serenity. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and comment down below what your serenity is. Till next time XoXoXo. 

Outfit Details:
Top : Forever21
Jeans : Bill Blass Jeans
Jacket : Sports Illistrated
Shoes : All stars