03 October 2016

Serenity : Naimah.A.

Hello Dolls

               I hope all is well where ever your beautiful souls might be. I've been really busy lately and I do find myself wanting to meditate on my free time. A lot of people like to meditate at anytime of the day and whenever they can but, I like to meditate once a week at my favorite place that I recently discovered. It's called the Giggs Nature Preserve and it has this beautiful water fall that brings my mind to peace. I thought I would shoot there when I got the chance so I can capture myself in my serenity. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and comment down below what your serenity is. Till next time XoXoXo. 

Outfit Details:
Top : Forever21
Jeans : Bill Blass Jeans
Jacket : Sports Illistrated
Shoes : All stars


  1. Lovely post! :D

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    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  2. I wish I could style those jeans like you do! They fit you perfectly :D


  3. Hello dear awesome place to meditate amongst the greenery. Styling comes so naturally to u I wish I was so effortless.. loved the look

  4. I often feel a sense of serenity in the nature. Sometimes I walk to a hill overlooking a lake that is near my house and there I always feel very calm and peaceful. Maybe I should try doing it today to relax a bit! Thank you for reminding me of this.

    This basic outfit is fantastic. I really like the combo of black and blue, it's so simple but at the same time very stylish. Those jeans look perfect on you and I really like the sneakers and the bomber jacket you have paired them with. You look lovely!

    1. I'm happy I reminded you of you serenity.

  5. OMG! thse jeans are PRECIOUS- you look so, so amazing in it.

  6. Looking great!

    x Karen

  7. I like how your outfit is casual yet looks so good! You always look so on fleek! meditating by a waterfall sound so nice and calming, no wonder it's your favorite place to go.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  8. Amazing post... Greay photos... and the place is gorgeous
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