09 October 2017

Beautiful You | Naimah.A.

Hello Dolls

                    I hope all is well wherever your beautiful souls are at. I recently came across a wonderful video posted by Trace Ellis Ross who to me is one of the many incredible women I look up to. The short clip that I watch has moved me beyond measures reminding me how far we've came with self acceptance. Growing up I remember seeing advertisements and looking up to women with different complexion and features then me. I never understood how misleading it could be to my young mind until I became a teen and my insecurities heightened. I call this my awkward teen faze where my hair was a frizz ball I had a huge overbite, and an odd body shape that didn't resemble any of the high school musical characters I liked. Now that I am a lot older I am happy to see so many of the beauty standards being challenged instead of blindly followed. I'm here to encourage you to start your self love journey if you already haven't and, embrace your individuality that sets you apart from the rest. I hope you guys enjoyed this post till next time XOXO.

25 September 2017

Identity crisis | Naimah.A.

Hello dolls

              A lot of times I hear the term "America is a melting pot" usually used to describe the amount of  diversity here in the United States. Many of us being born here or living here for over 20 years have an underlined American culture no matter where you'r ethnically from. We have Chinese Americans, Mexican American, and many more ethnicities who share an underlined American culture. The reality is if any of us actually go back to our homelands we feel a bit of a disconnect with the culture because we didn't go to the local schools or listen to most of the local music.

             I as an ethnically half Somali and half African American found the mix of both cultures made my life a bit unique. Growing up I was raised by a single Somali mother and a lot of people would question if I was even her child. I had features a lot like my dad same with my brother so I would constantly get reminded how my nose was rounder than most Somalis. When I went to school I got a rude awaking reminding me how I wasn't Somali/African American enough. Most times there would be that one ignorant person who would laugh at me for even claiming that to be a mix. Race can be one of the most defining sociodemographic characteristic of a person so when your from two different ethnic groups you feel like you have to pick a side just to fit in.

            The term mixed- race can also be so vague because to many this implies your mostly of the common mix of Caucasian and some sort of African. There is no fluidity when it comes to race or any other social category we tend to make everything a binary either you're one thing or another. A further example would be Barack Obama who is considered to be the first black president and not the first biracial president of the united states. Basically people don't ask mix race kids about their history and perspective on a lot of things. It's either you fit into a category that speaks for you or you simply aren't spoken for. Mixed- race people is the fastest growing demographic in the world and I feel we each have a unique story to tell. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and took something meaningful away from it. Till next time XOXOXO

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Dress : Forever21
Jacket : forever21 Men
Shoes : Rue21

12 September 2017

why so serious | Naimah.A.

Hello Dolls 

                      As a young girl I remember all the time I would waste day dreaming about being an adult. I loved the idea of having pizza for breakfast and snacking on cookies late at night. I also like the idea of  being responsible and not being told what to do so being an adult was merely a dream. When I finally hit 18 years of age I told myself I have to wear my big girl panties and figure this whole adulting thing out. I wish adulting was a slice of cheese pizza for breakfast because it sure wasn't. I noticed how many expectations I put on adulting along with the ones thrown at me by others which left me in a constant worry. My day dreams slowly shifted to me running around barefoot and carefree as a child. I didn't know what I signed up for and I don't think any teenager hitting adulthood does. I took life way too serious as an adult and put a brick loud of expectations on the smallest of problems I had. 
                          I then found what I call an "ADULT CHILDHOOD" that keeps me from going insane in my realm of thoughts. It consist of a whole lot of coloring and pizza for breakfast I tell you that. I sometimes catch myself racing a child to the last swing just so I can swing on it. I have some of the parents give me that look and little do they now I am a child at heart and there is nothing they can do to stop my joy. I genuinely find my happiness in little things like that and so can all of you. As you can tell in this outfit I hunted down a colorful wall that spoke to my "Adult childhood" and also gives this look a lot of life. I went for my classic mom jeans that I clearly have over worn and simple black pumps. I also pared this look with my favorite cropped hoodie and an over sized pare of glasses to give it a nerdy flare. I hope you guys enjoy this post and find balance somewhere along you adult lives. Till next time XOXOXO 

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Crop Hoodie : Vans 
Jeans : Levis 
Heels : H&M

29 August 2017

All about the highlight | Naimah.A.

Hello Dolls

           Lets talk about the make-up trend that hasn't seem to fade over the years which is highlighting. I myself am very grateful for the time that it's been around and it is the part of my make-up routine that I look forward too ever time. I get supper anxious and excited right before putting it on, along with butterflies in my stomach. I guess this feeling is similar to a giddy teenage girl getting a note from her crush. Yup! I said it and all of you readings this have had a similar feeling to what iv'e just described. Highlighting is just the gift that keeps on giving and if you can't relate this post is going to annoy you. I stick to my holy grail item the Carli Bybel 14 eye shadow and highlighter palette which is my fist and only highlighter palette. This palette was the gate way to a different world for me and I don't think I'll ever look back. When I was new to this whole make-up thing I wanted affordable products that weren't over priced. I didn't get the logic of paying 40 dollars for a products I barely knew how to use so the Carli Bybel palette was so convenient for me. A lot of folks ask me what highlighter I wear and I hope that answered your question. I am going to take my time in the next couple of months experimenting with different highlights liquid and powder so I'll be sure to share my feed back. I hope you guys enjoyed my long over do post and make sure you share this with your friends. Till next time XOXO

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Romper : Charlette russe 
Heels : H&M

12 June 2017

This one is for you | Naimah.A.

Hello Dolls 
       I hope all is well where ever your beautiful souls are at. Today I wanted to celebrate all the beautiful souls out there fighting internal battles every single day with out having anyone to turn too. It's such a strange shift is this world where now empathy is hard to receive without being attached to judgment. I remember growing up and seeing my mother have strangers she barely knew live with us because they were homeless. I also grow up seeing people helping each other without expecting any favor in return. I just missed such little acts that turned strangers to family and long lasting bonds were created. Now that I am an adult such acts are hard to come by and it leaves a lot of us to battle things alone. My way of overcoming these battles is doing things different and putting myself out there. I create connections with strangers that are now some of the closest friends of mine. I choose a smile over frown when I wake up in hopes of making another person smile. I practice generosity through out my day so no matter what the circumstance are for me I know I can make another person circumstance a bit better. These are ways I developed contentment within myself and I hope you find little things that work for you. So cheers to everyone who is choosing to fight every day in their lives to reach contentment this one is for you. Till next time loves XOXOXO

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29 May 2017

Naimah & Warsan's Adventures | Naimah.A.

Hello Dolls 

            I hope all is well where ever your beautiful souls are at. Today I'm here to share a very exciting post that is very dear to my heart. My lovely cousin Warsan has invited me to the west coast to progress our long over due adventures. This all started out last year roughly around the same time when Warsan has payed me a surprise visit at Doha, Qatar. I was so overwhelmed with excitement that I decided to capture our times together through photo's. For this time around I traveled all the way to L.A and spent time exploring the local streets with her. I felt that L.A was one of the most memorable trips that I have taken in 2017. It was an extreme culture shock being at a place where every one was in their own world. I even got the chance to take a picture at the infamous pink wall which belongs too the Paul Smith store in West Hollywood. I hope you enjoy the photos we've captured and please comment and share this post. Till next time XOXOXO

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leggings : Forever21
Jacket : Forever21
Shoes : Rue 21

Outfit Details #2
T-shirt : Metallica 
Leggings : Forever21
Jacket : Fashion Q

08 May 2017

Visuals | Naimah.A

Hello Dolls

            I'm here to drop some amazing visuals taken by my close friend Yohanna. I'm going on a trip to Los Angeles, California in the up coming week and I'm going to do a mixture of travel and fashion posts. I have always wanted to do a travel post where I get to explore and share my experiences along side with what I wear. I hopefully make those visuals come true and share it with you guys. Till next time xoxoxo

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Heels : Forever21
Leggings : Forever21
Top : Charlotte Russe 
Jacket : Zara

19 April 2017

Bulling | Naimah.A.

 Hello Dolls
             I hope all is well where ever your beautiful souls are at. Today I wanted to talk about a very important topic that is ignored a lot which is bulling. I seriously can't stress how important it is to address it and call it out. I feel like in this day and age there's so many different ways to pick on somebody and make them feel like an outcast. The biggest way to show case hatred and negativity is usually through social media. A lot of times you would find a complete stranger commenting under a photo of someone they don't know and pick at them. It's really sad for me to see that from a stranger because if shows how easy judgement can be passed and slowly become bulling. I got picked on a lot when I was younger and still experienced people picking on me in my adult life. Being younger it was a lot more harder to deal with because I never spoke out to anyone. I felt very alone and couldn't stand up to the people who bullied me unless it was violent. Now that I am older that has changed and I actually speak out or ignore people picking on me. I feel like it's important to speak out when being picked on or at least tell an adult if your under age. Thank you guys for reading my post and please make sure to stand up for each other. Till next time loves XOXOXO

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Top : Gap
Leggings : Forever21
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Heels : New Look

10 April 2017

You have to be lost to find your way | Naimah.A

Hello Dolls

      I'm so excited to share today's post with you guys because I have my very close friend Vj featuring. Me and Vijay have been friends for quite sometime and he pretty much knows me better than I know myself (lol). Lately i've been having a dilemma of not knowing where my life is taking me. Every time I think I have my life set in stone and I have a clear path that leads to a desired destination  I go on a little ride and find out it's not for me. I am a very adventures and curios person overall but at times the fear of the unknown drives my anxiety though the roof. I just hate not knowing where the paths I choose are leading me and, I feel like a lot of you can relate knowing that most of my readers are experiencing their early 20s. It's great to see a select few have their career path or major figured out but for many of us that's not the case. You have to be lost for you to find your way and you have to take a couple of losses before you get the big win. This was a very hard concept for me to grasp but with constant reminder it came around to be easier to let go of expectations and take life one step at a time. I hope you guys do the same and don't be to hard on yourself because remember it's not about the destination it's about the journey. Thank you guys for stopping by remember to be kind to yourself and others XOXOXO.

My Outfit Details 

Shirt : Metallica 
Jeans : Levis 
Heels : New Yorker
Backpack : Forever21 

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Shirt : Pacsun
Jeans : H&M
Jacket : Nike
Shoes :Nike

04 April 2017

goodbye winter | Naimah.A.

Hello Dolls 

     Living in the most bipolar cost of America (midwest) I learned very early on not to trust the weather. Me and Ohio weather have such a massive love and hate relationship over the past years. It manly generates from the fact that I can never fully express my style with out wearing a little too much or not a enough. It really conflicts my choices when it comes to picking the right outfit for me to wear. This look that I have put together was my final winter look even though I'm not sure how accurate I am. I really enjoyed this winter season because I've got to explore my wardrobe a lot more. I lived in Qatar where there were only 3 seasons Summer, Spring, Fall. Winter was never in the equation and I never got the chance to wear winter attire and layer my outfits. This past winter I've finally got that chance and also experimented with so many different colors. I hope you guys enjoyed my past winter looks and this look over here. Make sure to share this post and to leave a comment down below. Till next time XoXoXo

Jacket : Gap
Crop Top : H&M
Jeans : H&M
Heels : Charlotte Russe
Chocker : Charlotte Russe