31 December 2015

Let's take a ride

Hello Glam Dolls 

               I hope all is well in the land of all glam, okay maybe I watched to many Disney movies this past week (lol). I know many of you have those days where you leave your house in the most casual outfit hoping people don't mistake you for a homeless person. well today was that day and, I really had to think twice about my outfit choice. I luckily got a grip of my self before exposing my insanity, I had to ask myself what are you wearing. I went back up stairs to my room and decided to put on a casual sporty look rather than the desperate homeless look I had on. I went out for a bike ride with my younger brother who also takes my pictures. I enjoy hopping on the bike and strolling through the town it's so calming and peaceful. I always bring my little bother with me because it's our bonding moment and also because he captures good photo's along the way. We gotten some ice cream and called it a day P.S. don't ask me why I didn't take pictures of the ice cream I simply couldn't stop my urge of eating it before I remembered to take picture. I hope you guys enjoy my quick outfit I manage to throw together in less than 5 minuets. I would love for you guys to comment and follow my blog by pressing the follow button on the lower left. Outfit details down below until next time Glam Dolls xoxoxo

Outfit Details
Crop sweater: Red Tag
Leggings: RnB
Flannel: H&M
Sneakers: New Yorker

28 December 2015

What is Personal Style

Hello Glam dolls

       It's been a wonderful week that has passed us by and, I am glad to be posting another article today. Growing up I didn't know much about personal style all I new was what was trending at that moment and my style was based off of that. I found it difficult to find what I liked because what I would wear wasn't trending. Time went by and I started discovering my style a little more and noticing that trend doesn't always have to agree with how I look. It seriously was a big blow for me at that time and I tried so hard to blend in. After a while I was totally unbothered about what others think and went ahead and express my way of dressing. It's been my mission to go out there and see how other people view personal style. I interviewed quite a few people who I randomly selected and gotten to know.

                I sat down with a local model named Angelique De Lange who was very enthusiastic about this topic as much as I was. I asked her a few questions to get a sense of her style and she by far amazed me. When I asked Angelique to tell me a little about her personal style she went ahead and stated " I'm not a very trendy person I don't like to wear things that are in at the moment." This has made me smile because She had on the most stunning outfit and she looked at the top and said "I bought this 2 years ago and it was very trendy back then but, only today I pulled it out of my closet for the first time." I love Angelique's honesty on how trend didn't control her wardrobe but instead her instinct did." I choose based on instinct I don't love bold color's I usually lean more to the neutral colors and, I love to mix and match my pieces." Angelique says. Her style was classy and feminine yet simple you wouldn't catch her with bold colors all over maybe one bold piece and the rest would be neutral.

                 Thamer Al-Kuwari the fifth place champion of Qatar's strongest man has also agreed to sit with me to discuss this topic. Thamer had stated how his cultural decent plays a big part of his dressing "I like classical looks like a simple suit." he stated "Here in Qatar we wear our traditional Thobe which comes in so many shades of white and also so many different textures." I never really understood the Thobe concept until Thamer has explained it to me in that way. Thamer also stated how he liked the sporty looks mainly because he disliked layering. "I don't wear too many layers because my body has so much heat so my style is really based off of what I can bare." It was true actually I had came out to the meeting with a full on coat and he was sporting a casual T-shirt. Thumer also has a little addiction to statement watches which are a little high in the price range. He loves investing in them because he believes it sets his style to a whole different level.

                 Abdullah Naser Al-Enezi also known as Nizzy is a local graffiti artist known in different parts of the middle east. I was very impressed with his skill and loved his very boldly expression in his art work. I spoke to him and asked him to tell me a little about his personal style and he stated  " I dress very simple and very comfortable..." He said that "my style was influenced by hip hop. I like to wear baggy pants or fitted jeans on regular occasions but, when I want to dress up I wear a button down with a clean shave." When I asked him what personal style was to him he stated "dress to express not to impress" he went on to saying "wearing something because of everyone else is wearing it is different than taking pieces that you like and combining them to your own taste." " That's the true difference between trend and personal style." I enjoyed getting to know these people and how much they had to say about there personal style. I hope for those of you coming up who have still a lot to learn about themselves and style look at each of them as inspiration to dress for your own comfort and desire. I hope you guys enjoyed this posts I'll leave each of there Instagram names down below. xoxoxo

24 December 2015

At Peace

Hey glam dolls

I know how you guys have been enjoying me posting more often so, I decided too be more consistent with my weekly posts. I have been playing a little more with neutral colors and I've been seriously enjoying it. A lot of you may be aware of the drastic weather changes that Qatar puts me through but, honestly I've just been loving it. I've been busy working and running around doing multiple things that I forget to prioritize my shoots. I love shooting but with my busy schedule it's almost impossible to get time to shoot. I have a very supportive family which pushes me for betterment so I never fall off too often. The weather has been cooler lately and it's been fun to kick back with a hot coco and read a book. I enjoy doing that and it sort of puts me at peace with so much going on. This look was inspired by the peaceful moments this weather has driven me to so for that I'm thankful. It's hard to actually be at peace sometimes so recently I've chosen to accept my fate as it is and strive more each day. I hope you guys enjoy this quick post and the look I put together. Make sure you leave a comment and subscribe down below.

Outfit Details
Top: Thrifted
Jeans: H&M
Cardigan: Zara 
Heels: Thrifted 

21 December 2015

Naimah Talks: Instagram vs. Real life

Hey Glam Dolls

              I've been wanting to get a few things off my chest lately and that's been this Instagram persona everyone is feeding into. I must admit it's quiet nice to see other lives look so put together when mine is a complete jumble of stress. It's inspiring to see others share there lives and achievements on there but we honestly know it can get too over barring. I love Instagram myself but what I post on my Instagram is not exactly my real life. There is so much more that happens behind the scenes of my life that isn't captured. I love being real raw and relatable because perfection is never my aim. So today I'm here to talk about some of the Instagram personas vs. real life. Grab you a cup of tea and a bowl of chips because this is going to take a while

            I am a big fan of Instagram and it's actually one of my favorite apps on my phone. I do love posting often and also love going through my feed for inspiration but, there is a point where it gets very toxic for me. It's beautiful to share pictures and view others as well but don't base your life expectation solely on that. I see so many people on my feed who believe in relationship goals when in all honesty they don't know what it's actually like to be in that relationship. Every relationship has there ups and downs no relationship is perfect and you can not base perfection or happiness on a picture.

         I also noticed the short makeup tutorials where you watch the lady sculpt her face in seconds. It takes me so long to put on my makeup and to make it half as good as the lady in that video. It honestly used to drain me and make me believe that maybe the drug store products I'm using weren't good enough. I didn't let that faze me because honestly I learn that with make up you get better with time. I was happy for the women in the short video, instead of beating myself down about it I decided to look at it as inspiration. Once again don't take the personas to heart it takes way more time to get that flawless finish look.

         I love Instagram and I post very often on my profile. As much as I would love to be posting perfect pictures the truth is I just love realistic pictures more. There are times where I am impressed with the quality of a pic and, there are other times where I'm not but I still choose to share. For example the picture below was me at an event hosted by my blogger friend Chiara. She is so wonderful and a very lovely person I'll link her blog down below. I went there and the photographer took pictures of us and I didn't feel pretty. I didn't want to post those pictures on Instagram but I decided why not I'm not always candid or have perfect shots. So I went ahead and shared it on my Instagram and the rest of the pictures on here. The moral of the story is be true to yourself don't let Instagram define your happiness your way much more than a perfect picture.

Visit Chiara blog 

17 December 2015

personal style is key

Hello Beauties

         I really enjoy dressing up and getting out of my bubble when it comes to fashion. I love exposing my street style and edge on my blog but sometimes a little elegance wouldn't hurt. I usually spot beautiful scenes than I visualizes the look in my head. Sometimes I wish I can just go ahead and have my outfit ready right than and there. It would make my life a lot more easier if I could snap instantly and my outfit would change. I truly enjoy the anticipation of finding a great shooting place and setting a shoot date and the outfit. I just feel so much more better about my photo's and look because of the anticipation. I have put together this look on my birthday and shot it on the same day. It just called for a celebration for my personal style and staying true to what I like. I hope you guys enjoy my quick post because I know not to many people like long and pointless posts about an outfit. I also hope this inspires your future looks, outfit details are down below make sure you leave a comment and subscribe for future posts.

Outfit Details
Top: Red Tag
Skirt: H&M
Heels: New Yorker 
Bag: H&M

14 December 2015

Naimah Talks: 3 Networking tips

Hello Lovelies 

                I've been recently heading out to more and more events related to networking. I never noticed how important networking is to a blogger because I simply got caught up in just blogging. I had such a great learning experience going to these events and, met so many great and wonderful bloggers who shared similar passion. I've noticed that I wasn't alone here in Qatar in fact there were many other bloggers that it melts my little old heart (lol). I also ran into many more people who were nice enough to invite us bloggers to such events. It's been a fun experience i'll tell you that but, Ive also picked up on so many mistakes that i've made. I would like to share these with you guys so make sure to grab a pop corn and a drink.

Tip #1

               I always manage to wear the most uncomfortable heels to mostly if not all the recent events I went too. If your like me and you like to shadow people with your height than you'll have too be very selective about your choice of heels. There are many comfortable heels you can invest in and make sure you think twice about your foot wear before you leave the house.

Tip #2

             Actually network and talk to other it's clearly a networking event. This is your opportunity to fascinate your peers about your business or blog ventures. I usually brought my friend with me and, we looked around awkwardly for others to come up to us. I was really nervous to talk to others because my fear of not knowing the outcome took control but, with having someone there at first I managed to open up and neglect my fear.

Tip #3

                   This last tip is crucially important because I time after time manage to forget this tip and, that is taking pictures. When you're at an event as a blogger you would like to share the moment with your viewers at home. So it would be nice to collect a good amount of pictures to post up on your blog. I have recently went to Marriott hotel here in doha for the launch of entertainer and I haven't captured too many pictures due to my lack of conscious. Remember to snap pics of every little aspect that you think you viewers would like so you can later on share. I hope you guys learn from my mistakes and are prepared for your upcoming networking events. Thank you for reading leave a comment below if you find this helpful and subscribe.

10 December 2015


Hello Beauties

           Many of you beauties are freezing your faces off while I'm over here wearing a kimono. Oh how lucky you might say but honestly I enjoy the snow storms, rain and all of the above when it comes to winter. I'm a december baby so that means winter was my glow up season ..... Seriously! A lot of good things come from this lovely season that many of  you despise but, think about it who likes to cuddle in spring and summer ? Not I said the duck lol.

          I also learnt to appreciate the warm days because you can never be too picky. I love wearing minimal pieces and not having to layer all the time. Like for this look that I have wore the other day It felt so effort less and chic. I wanted to go run some errands and pick up a few thing from my favorite shop.

 I usually would wear some sneakers with my outfit but, for that day it just didn't feel right. I felt the urge of wearing heels and strutting through my day. This outfit is very minimalist and simple and it made it easy for me to transition to a more chill outfit. By swapping the kimono with a flannel and the heels with sneakers you'll be ready for the next activity of the day. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found my outfit as inspiration. Outfit details down below Make sure you comment and subscribe .

Outfit Details
 Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Cato's Fashion
Heels: New Yorker
Bag: Red Tag

07 December 2015

Naimah Talks: Comfort doesn't meet success

Hello Beauties

            I was sitting around one day and I was reminiscing on life and how far I've gotten with blogging. Honestly looking back I was afraid to take blogging serious because I didn't think what I had to say or share mattered. I loved writing and expressing myself but, going into blogging was such a big leap of faith for me. I was afraid to be judged for my thoughts and labeled a certain way on here. I kept having this gut feeling that my fear were all in my head and it was another way for me to stay in my comfort zone. I didn't have a lot to lose other than my comfort, and I had a world of knowledge to gain in this certain aspect. I then later went ahead and did what I was afraid to do which was expressing my self through my personal style and thoughts. I really have gained so much confidence to be me and accepting every thing that comes with it but the most valuable lesson I learnt was Comfort doesn't meet success.

             I sat on my desk thinking to myself where would I be if I didn't risk what I had going on for me to do this? and to be quite honest I would have been probably in a stagnate place in my life. I encourage every person I see to ditch the comfort and go after whatever it is that they love. Many people would say it's too hard or too out of my league but, the only thing that doesn't put them in that league is the amount of effort they lack to put in. For example there are many people who hang out with a certain crowd because, it makes them comfortable. They won't go out there and try to meet new people who think or act differently because, it's too ironic or weird and it takes a lot out of them. The advantages would be much more rewarding because you would elevate your mind to think broader then you circle. You learn how to conduct a conversation with someone who has a different opinion and out look in life than you. Plus great opportunities and experiences will come your way just from simply stepping out if you bubble.

             There are so many successful and iconic people that we know of who took the same risk of stepping out of there bubble. Guess what many even failed at there first attempt and second but still that didn't stop them. Once your determined to never get comfortable or stagnate in your life or career you'll notice some of the biggest changes in you. These changes are always for the better because one thing that is constant in life is change change and more change. I read this article from Forbes.com and it was titled "6 ways pushing past your comfort zone is critical to success". Kathy Caprino who covers careers, leadership and women in business stated " I've seen that one of the most damaging things you can do in your career is stay for years where your comfortable." She also said " I've learnt (the hard way) that no job is secure. The only thing that is secure in life is you and  your spirit, your heart, your talents and gifts, and your ability to contribute at a high level to something that matters to you in life".

       The amount of celebrities or iconic people who failed at there first attempt is endless. My two favorite unique stories are Albert Einsteins and Thomas Edison. These two share similar backgrounds where they were doubted by teachers at their schools. One being labeled as slow and the other labeled stupid they both proved many people wrong. Albert Einstein has walked away with a nobel prize in changing the face of modern physics and Thomas Edison  after 1000 failed attempts at inventing a light bulb he finally made one that worked. So don't let anything scare you from stepping out of your comfort or your bubble because comfort won't meet success. Thanks you guys for reading and if any of you have a topic you would like me to discuss email me. Please leave a comment and subscribe to my blog. Thank you!