21 December 2015

Naimah Talks: Instagram vs. Real life

Hey Glam Dolls

              I've been wanting to get a few things off my chest lately and that's been this Instagram persona everyone is feeding into. I must admit it's quiet nice to see other lives look so put together when mine is a complete jumble of stress. It's inspiring to see others share there lives and achievements on there but we honestly know it can get too over barring. I love Instagram myself but what I post on my Instagram is not exactly my real life. There is so much more that happens behind the scenes of my life that isn't captured. I love being real raw and relatable because perfection is never my aim. So today I'm here to talk about some of the Instagram personas vs. real life. Grab you a cup of tea and a bowl of chips because this is going to take a while

            I am a big fan of Instagram and it's actually one of my favorite apps on my phone. I do love posting often and also love going through my feed for inspiration but, there is a point where it gets very toxic for me. It's beautiful to share pictures and view others as well but don't base your life expectation solely on that. I see so many people on my feed who believe in relationship goals when in all honesty they don't know what it's actually like to be in that relationship. Every relationship has there ups and downs no relationship is perfect and you can not base perfection or happiness on a picture.

         I also noticed the short makeup tutorials where you watch the lady sculpt her face in seconds. It takes me so long to put on my makeup and to make it half as good as the lady in that video. It honestly used to drain me and make me believe that maybe the drug store products I'm using weren't good enough. I didn't let that faze me because honestly I learn that with make up you get better with time. I was happy for the women in the short video, instead of beating myself down about it I decided to look at it as inspiration. Once again don't take the personas to heart it takes way more time to get that flawless finish look.

         I love Instagram and I post very often on my profile. As much as I would love to be posting perfect pictures the truth is I just love realistic pictures more. There are times where I am impressed with the quality of a pic and, there are other times where I'm not but I still choose to share. For example the picture below was me at an event hosted by my blogger friend Chiara. She is so wonderful and a very lovely person I'll link her blog down below. I went there and the photographer took pictures of us and I didn't feel pretty. I didn't want to post those pictures on Instagram but I decided why not I'm not always candid or have perfect shots. So I went ahead and shared it on my Instagram and the rest of the pictures on here. The moral of the story is be true to yourself don't let Instagram define your happiness your way much more than a perfect picture.

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  1. Lovely post.

  2. You are sooo gorgeous! Have a fabulous weekend!
    Much love, Len