28 March 2017

Changing your environment | Naimah.A.

Hello Dolls

                I've been missing for quite sometime as you all may have noticed. I missed writing posts and doing looks for you guys. I've been doing some exploring for the past few weeks and I took time to myself. I felt very drained and exhausted from continuously doing routined things in my life. So I felt a break was needed from my job, friends, and social media which was the scariest thing for me. These things were all my comforts and actually sacrificing them to focus on myself sucked big time, or so I thought! I noticed some of the company I kept around me was weighing me down. As much as I love keeping it around it doesn't do anything for me but internally harm me.

     The company you keep around you is very crucial for your personal growth, and if you're constantly around negative people it will have a huge impact on you. I also had a hard time at my pervious job because I somehow mixed my personal life with work. Don't judge me we all do it at some point in life. I didn't feel all that productive at work for the most part and felt discredited. I really loved my job to begin with but after sometime I hated going to work which resulted me quitting and having to look for a new job. Since then I've gotten a new job, which I fully appreciate and feel much more welcome.

     I also gave social media the break that it needs because with all that happening I felt very pressured to keep posting. I enjoy collecting good content inspired by real life events around me that you guys can relate too. I never want to give you guys half done content again it just personally feels wrong because I'm capable of so much more. I really enjoyed challenging myself this time around and letting go of what felt like a never ending cycle. I'm genuinely happy now with the way things are going and i'll be sure to share my future experiences with you guys. I hope you guys liked this post and would leave a comment below to share your presents with me. Till next time dolls XOXOXO

Outfit Details 
Jacket : Yeezus Tour Jacket
T shirt : Metallica
Heels : Charlotte Russe 


  1. Great post!


  2. Wowww honey,
    you look adorable
    Maggie Dallospedale

  3. Hello dear. I love this post.
    You are beautiful on this pictures.
    Have a good day

  4. Love this look! Very attractive!

  5. Love your look! you look amazing on it and the pictures are nice! :)


  6. I'm sure all of us can relate. It's so important to take it easy and slow down from time to time. The world's not gonna end if we do it ;)
    Love your edgy outfit! You're always so pretty!



  7. Wow amazing photos and look. Gorgeous as always!
    Thanks for sharing darling!
    Happy weekend!
    Much love, Len

  8. Love the rock vibe to this outfit...you look like a rock star!
    I also took a little break from blogging last month...and I might do it again soon. Sometimes we just need that time away from social media. Changing our routine is always a good idea especially when we're feeling down or tired...and taking time off social media counts as routine change.