16 March 2015

How to wear your confidence ??

Hello lovelies

       Today I want to talk about a topic that is very relatable to you guys witch is confidence. Many of us may have too much and some may lack. A lot of people get arrogance and confidence mixed up ,they are  two separate trait in human beings. Here is how you know weather you are confident or arrogant. Disclaimer (If any of this offends any of you I am sorry, take it to consideration you might like the changes you make weather it's being non confident to confident, and being arrogant to confident).

       Confidence is a good trait to have it show and means that you are capable of hard work and take pride in every aspect of it. Now here is two ways to know that you not confident do you hesitate to show case your self in front of you class and piers. Do you walk head and shoulder facing down word. Here is the point I want to make If you are not comfortable in the your body than clearly there is no confidence. If your afraid to take credit for a work or a job you did clearly there is no confidence. Confidence is taking pride in your self and knowing what you have to offer in this world. Trust me everyone have a purpose and with time you'll find yours, but take pride in your journey to find it.

    Confidence can sometimes lead to arrogance, this could also be called over confident. Many of the time people start feeling confident and love it but they fear for their confidence to fade in any way so they over do it. This where a key word name 'humbling' comes in, when you humble your self and assure your self that what you bring to the table no one can bring you won't have to worry. The saying 'someone younger, smarter, and faster will come along and take your spot' is actually true. You will never remain the same person in the same time forever, you need to decide how you want to go out by humbling your self or being arrogant.

          Lastly life is to short people there is a lot of things to consider and your confidence should be one of them. Take pride in your work and goals and slowly accomplish them by humbling your self. Stay away from people who don't bring out the good in you, and don't admire your changes. You need to be appreciated and loved through out the whole way to your journey. Remember ladies confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.

Thank you for reading hope to see you again
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