26 October 2015

3 steps to decrease stress and frustration

Hello Lovelies

          I hope everything is going well for you guys. I have been really stressed out and frustrated lately. I seriously couldn't get too much done due to it so, I've decided change a few things in my daily routine. I've noticed such a big difference and I was less stressed and frustrated. I'm going to share with you guys the three things that mainly helped me overcome my constant battle.

Step 1: working out

       I decided to set a chart on my desk at home where I do all my work than write down something new I learnt that day. Wheather it's about me or my day in general I wrote it down. This helped me notice even if I'm busy all day there is something new I've learnt and my whole day wasn't a waste.

Step 2 : Exercise

               I made time for physical activity such as working out because it gets difficult to keep in shape and eat right with so much on my plate. So I sleep early and wake up 5 am in the morning to hit the gym after having breakfast. It's seriously the perfect way to start my day and I don't have to come home from work and worry about hitting the gym. I sometimes usually on weekends choose to do some yoga to relax my muscles.

Step3: venting

          Venting is the best stress reliever known to kind wheather is venting to your friends or significant other. It's better than holding your frustration in and constantly being angry. Also having a relatable person to talk too makes your problems feel small and pity. So I won't be as difficult to deal with them the next time around.


  1. Great tips Naimah. Have a lovely day


  2. So nice photos and look.
    Lots of kisses


  3. Totally totally loved your post !

  4. Love this post, beautiful write up.

  5. Venting usually helps. And well, sometimes I vent to God, which is prayer anyways.