11 December 2016

Beauty and the geek | Naimah.A

Hello Dolls

                     I hope all is well wherever your beautiful souls are at. I recently made a huge decision to take off my headscarf that I was known for wearing all this time on my blog. I always enjoyed wearing my hijab and I felt for so long it was apart of me. It went a long with everything that I wore and it just completed my looks. I've recently have been reevaluating my decisions on why I do certain things and my intentions weren't all the way right. I'm still a Muslim for those who feel my religion is in question because of my decision. I'm also still going to continue to express my personal style with you guys and update my blog as always. Since that's out of the way I want to share with you guys my recent collaboration that I recently did with a good friend by the name of Ameera. She is also a fashion blogger who does modest fashion and I will leave the link to her Instagram here. We decided to do our own versions of dorky chic looks and it has been really fun to step a little out of our daily comfort and try something new. I hope you guys enjoy this post make sure you check out the outfit details down below. Till next time XOXOXO

Outfit Detail 1           Outfit Details 2
Flannels : H&M           Flannels : Forever21
Sweater : Forever21   Overall : Hollister
Leggings : Gap          Chain : Forever 21
Shoes: All Stars       Shoes : Lacoste


  1. Beautiful looks!!!!
    Have a good week!!!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  2. Great outfit and photos, I like your hair :*


  3. Beautiful outfits!! You guys are so pretty. Happy holidays.

  4. To cover one's head is a personal decision and everyone should feel free to interpret their religion according to their own personal feelings. What I like about fashion is that it can be used to express our own personal sense of style no matter how we interpret it, there are quite a few modest fashion blogs out there now and I think they're just as inspiring as the rest of them. What ever we decide, the important thing is that we feel good in our skin...that always shows! Both outfits are beautiful and stylish. You both look lovely!