05 December 2016

living your truth | Naimah.A.

Hello Dolls 
                               A lot of time many of us are conflicted by society and the idea of being perfect gets a hold of us. I for one I'm a victim in a sense that I fear being myself for the most part and don't like people knowing too much about me. To many people that's a good thing but the down fall is that the relationships that you form don't have too much substance and depth. All my friendships that I have formed in the past have been easy for me to dispose of because of the fact that I had such little connection. I don't have the guide book for healthy relationships and friendships but I do know that living your truth and being yourself does keep the right people around you. I hope you guys enjoy this look make sure you check out the outfit details down below. Till next time XOXO

Outfit Details 
Jacket : Leather Fashion
Top : Red Tag
Skirt : Gap 
Heels : New look


  1. Knowing ourselves well and being true to our inner self- that attracts the right kind of people for us to us! You're totally right about all you said.

    I really like this look...wonderful skirt and top! ...and your glittery eye shadow is so cute.

  2. Nice look, I love that skirt.
    Good weekend, see you soon.


  3. thank you for your comment...have a lovely Sunday evening<3

  4. Love the look on you. the eye shadow looks glam on you. LOVE it!!!